Services offered to Wilhelm Bannaski GmbH

Company hygiene controls acc. LMHV Para 4 / HACCP

Controls are carried out in regular intervals acc. to regulations for food hygiene (LMHV) and further regulations for food trade. These controls enable Messrs. Bannaski to observe and achieve a continuously good hygiene standard.

Optical assessment of the state of hygiene in the company

Assesment of hygiene measures

Assesment of the way the hygiene measures are adopted by the staff

Control of hygiene regulations

Optical and microbiological cleaning-/desinfection control

Microbiological and chemical product testing

Sequence control with regard to manufacturing method

Microbiological and chemical feed water test

Registration of all claims and defects

Consulting and training of staff if necessary

Evaluation and analysis of the test results incl. measures for improvement

Control and effectivity of the improvement measures Defect identification

Staff Training acc. DIN 10514

To achieve the intended best results in quality in the company the personnel engaged with Messrs. Bannaski is regulary trained and advised with regard to hygiene measures to be taken to achieve best hygiene standards. Training lessons are mutually agreed and supported by film material. Relevant documentation is handed over to the personnel after the lessons.

Basic subjects for training are:

Law for protection against infection

Food hygiene - VO

Staff hygiene

Product and manufacturing hygiene

Cleaning and desinfection