Since the 1st May 2002 Hauke Oldsen thor Straten and Heinrich Kemper are both managers of the Wilhelm Bannaski GmbH with equal rights.

Both have long years experience in the trade with meat and worked in various duties in renowned companies in Germany and abroad.

With this experience and the good competence of both the Owners the company expanded again after Frank Holzhütter and Horst Kaakschlief had retired.

Also nowadays the main job of the company is the cutting of sows. The sows are delivered from slaughter houses exclusively with certificate of origin so that the way of the sow can be traced back to the farmer.

The sows are delivered over night fresh from the slaughter houses to the company. After having passed the company's own quality control sows are cut according to customer's specification.

The meat is delivered the same day with own lorries to all destinations in Northern Germany. A local forwarding agent delivers the cut sows all over in Germany one day later only. Products which are ordered for export are deep frozen immediately after having been cut.

The Owners are personally engaged in the daily business to guarantee best service to their customers and meet their requirements with regard to different cutting, calculation, delivery in time, freshness etc. Even after work at least one of the Owners is on stand-by. This enables them to respond to all situations immediately. All this leads to the success of the Wilhelm Bannaski GmbH.

It is the intention of Mr. Oldsen thor Straten and Mr. Heinrich Kemper to go ahead with the company in the sense of Mr. Holzhütter and Mr. Kaakschlief.