Wilhelm Bannaski founded the company at the beginning of the twenties in Koenigsberg/Ostpreussen. He started with a butcher's shop with 6-8 employees which was quite big for that time and after abt. 6-7 years he had also a slaughter house at the slaughter house premises of Koenigsberg. At the end of the thirties meat was delivered to the army.

After the war Wilhelm Bannaski came to Hamburg and he started again successfully at the Hamburger slaughter house with a small shop. His son died during the war, but his daughter in law and her second husband, the butcher Richard Holzhütter, assisted him.

After the death of Wilhlm Bannaski his daughter in law, Gertrud Holzhütter, and her husband, Richard, became the Owners and they specialised in cutting of sows. It was a small company with two trained workers. Again the Owners changed and the nephew Frank Holzhütter became Owner of the company in October 1975. Under his leadership the small company quickly developed to a well reputated specialist for sow cutting in Hamburg.

Frank Holzhütter

On the 1st January, 1980 Horst Kaakschlief started as compagnon of Frank Holzhütter with equal rights. With his knowledge, competence and new ideas the company expanded. As one of the first companies on the Hamburg Cattle and Meat Market Messrs. Bannaski moved to new premises and the EU license was granted. Both Frank Holzhütter and Horst Kaakschlief managed the company over 15 years with now 20 employees.

Horst Kaakschlief

Again, Owners changed, and Hauke Oldsen thor Straten joined the company. When he has become familiar with the company Frank Holzhütter retired from Messrs. Bannaski.

Hauke Oldsen thor Straten

Skilled workmanship and good human relations have always been the basis of the success and of the good reputation.

Heinrich Kemper

After also Horst Kaakschlief had retired from the company on the 30. April 2002 Heinrich Kemper became the new partner of Hauke Oldsen thor Straten.